Library of Congress/ Herman Miller Joint Film Screening

February 12, 2020

The day’s guests were able to enjoy a slate of recently restored films in the Eames House meadow. Continuing the Eameses’ tradition of the important guest – host relationship, guests were encouraged to take interior tours of the House, enjoy a private picnic, and also view a few of Charles and Ray’s films restored by the Library of Congress with funding from Founding Sponsor Herman Miller. Films included S-73 Sofa Compact (1954), Soft Pad (1970), and Fiberglass Chairs (1970).

We were delighted to see the Eameses’ famous 1955 slide show House: After Five Years on the big screen. Starring their home over their first five years was a wonderful celebration of the 70th year anniversary of the construction of the Eames House. Projecting these films on site with the Eames House, meadow, and ocean as backdrop was truly special – a mingling of past and present as well as a sense of the play of scale, as filmed details contrasted with the home itself. To read more about this Herman Miller/ Library of Congress collaboration, check out the article from Herman Miller’s WHY Magazine.