Members Appreciation Day

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One day each June, the Eames Foundation thanks our members for their support by inviting them to experience a very special opportunity: to explore the Eameses’ approach to life and work through a variety of experiences. See the Eames House from the inside out, in guided tours of the ground floor of the Eames House and Studio. Enjoy delicious treats and a wide array of activities with a community of Eames family and fellow aficionados. And stay for our game (every year it is different), a creative capstone, with a highly desirable grand prize awarded at the end of the event!

Members Appreciation Day is always celebrated on a Saturday close to June 20th, Charles and Ray’s wedding anniversary. This year, we held a virtual Members Appreciation Day celebration from Saturday June 20th through the end of June. Explore our video offerings, as well as monthly additions, by clicking here.

MAD 2015 Meadow MAD 2015 Book Signing

How To RSVP:

Hours: Members are invited for the afternoon, from 1:00 to 5:00.

Booking a Visit: The date and time for each Members Appreciation Day is announced at the beginning of the year. We recommend that you reserve early, as attendance is limited to the first 60 RSVPs. Only current members may attend.

To request a reservation, please complete the below form. You may call (310) 459-9663 or email us at, with any questions. Once you have heard back from us, and availability is confirmed, you will be asked to join or renew your membership at

Visitor Guidelines:

You are visiting a National Historical Landmark located on private grounds. Please help us safeguard Charles and Ray’s home by respecting the directions of our staff and by following these guidelines during the day:

1. Reservations and current membership are required.
2. No parking at the House; see Directions for parking details.
3. No interior photographs; exterior photos for personal use only, not for publication of any kind.
4. You are visiting the House and grounds at your own risk. This historic site sits on a bluff with steep slopes: stay clear of the edge. It is a natural terrain: pay attention to your footing as there are many level changes.

RSVP Form:

Past Members Appreciation Days:

IMG_8614 2016: Charles and Ray’s 75th Wedding Anniversary! We celebrated with a day of experiences: guided tours of the ground floor of the Eames House, a Q&A in the Studio exploring the Eameses’ process via their molded plywood and fiberglass experiments, as well as a miniature chair-making exploration a la Eames. From a field of fantastic designs, our member-jurors picked Thomas’ chair to win the Grand Prize: a (full-sized) wire chair. Congratulations to all our makers!


2015: Master of Eamesology! Dan Ostroff, editor of an Eames anthology, shared insights into the Eameses’ writings through the years, and kindly signed books for our members. Treats and interior tours were offered throughout the day. Congratulations to the winner of our hotly-contested trivia contest: Chandler McCoy, our reigning Master of Eamesology.



2014: Rebus Redux: Members toured the ground floor of the Eames House, and enjoyed fabulous deserts while meeting other Eames enthusiasts. Guests were challenged to create rebus postcards in anticipation of the big competition: solving a rebus written by Charles to his (then) three grandchildren. The grand prize: a newly re-issued (and newly recyclable) fiberglass chair!


Boja, Kyle, Chris10172012_00052013: Phase 1 of 250 Year Project: Interior tours and panels! Two panels discussed the Phase 1 work performed over the past two years. First, the Foundation, Getty Conservation Institute, and architects Escher GuneWardena gave an overview of the approach. Second, GC Tom Montgomery, EGW’s Bojana Banyasz, painter Brian Miller, and RAC metalworker Chris Rackard discussed the ‘doing’, including some of the challenges and learnings.

MAD06162012_01212012: Eames House Conservation – mid point! Members of the Eames Foundation, Getty Conservation Institute, and architects Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena of Escher GuneWardena informally talked about completed work under the conservation project. Celebrating Ray’s upcoming 100th birthday with a Ray-favorite of musical chairs, avid gamers vied for the grand prize: the Ice Cube poster from Pacific Standard Time.

DSC029142011: Bubble-blowing Contest! Tours, chats with Eames family members, and a madcap bubble-blowing contest as part of our celebration of Mathematica. Volunteer John Kishell displayed some of his collected catalogues and samples of materials used in the Eames House for visitors to enjoy.


FI_PTcom-22010: Powers of Ten Bingo! Guests made their own Bingo cards using photos from the Eameses’ classic film Powers of Ten, and then vied for one of the first-hot-off-the-press Eames House Blocks (thanks to the magic of House Industries) in a cutthroat game of Bingo.


Members day 2009 Rebus2009: Charles’ Rebus! During a surprise timed-competition, attendees solved a rebus sent by Charles to daughter Lucia (then age seven), with one guest ultimately winning a pink molded plastic elephant.



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