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The residence has been kept as it was at the time of Ray’s death in 1988. It is filled with the stuff of their lives, telling the stories of their lives, interests and loves… all with different needs for conservation.

Books, fabrics, folk art, prisms—shells, rocks and straw baskets….groupings unified by each element’s careful selection and the overall curation.

And while these objects have for the most part, nominal value as individual pieces, they have a huge value as part of the carefully placed collections, helping visitors to better understand the Eameses’ via that direct experience that the Eameses felt was so important.

The Foundation brought in experts to examine the overall condition of the collections.  They grouped objects into general categories, based upon the materials used. The condition of the objects, the result of years experiencing fluctuations in the ambient environment, is informing the development of a climate control system. Their condition, combined with the data collected as part of the climate control studies, will lead to a system that will thoughtfully balance the needs of the contents with the needs of the structure.

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