On-going Studies

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With Phase One work complete, investigations and reporting continue. Notably:

  • The Finalization of the Conservation Management Plan.
  • Conservation / Maintenance Planning.
  • On-going Oral Histories.
  • Materials Investigation, including Cemesto Cladding Panels.
  • Environmental / Climate Recommendations.
  • Pest and Air Monitoring.
  • Maintenance Planning.
  • Environmental / Climate Implementation and External Envelope Work.
  • Landscape Planning.
  • Collections Study.

An important part of the work on the Eames House is the dissemination of the findings, so that other stewards, many facing similar issues, may explore our approaches as they develop their own site-specific solutions.  As reports are finalized we will be making them available either on our site or by linking to other sites, including the Getty Conservation Institute and the Library of Congress’ HABS/HAER sites.

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