Questions from Visitors: Thoughts on the House Experience

For your comfort!

You will want to explore the site which has inclines and unsteady footing. We recommend wearing sensible footwear. Being close to the ocean with fluctuating temperatures, bring layers of clothing.

Why are appointments necessary?

We attempt to schedule our visitors to avoid disappointment. Walk-ins can build up into a crowd that interferes with the sense of nature and peace that visitors experience. Walk-ins may also be disappointed if curtains are drawn and they cannot see into the House; the House may be closed due to special events or scheduled repair work.

Why limit group sizes?

Charles and Ray’s original design brief was for a home that would serve as a background for “life in work” and with nature as a “shock absorber”. A large crowd interferes with the sense of nature and peace that the Eameses carefully preserved.

Why do we need to park on Corona del Mar; why can’t we drive up to the Eames House?

As you walk up the driveway, it will help you acclimatize to the site. Hopefully, you will be able to better imagine how the House was in the 1950′s. Another plus, especially given the minimal parking and a near-impossible turnaround, is that banning visitor cars provides a better view of the House and ocean.

Why are you closed on Sunday?

Our neighbors deserve a respite from the many visitors to the Eames House!

Why no restroom facilities?

The House was built in 1949 and its plumbing cannot sustain the wear and tear that would result from usage by many thousands of visitors.

What is the Foundation’s preservation philosophy?

To preserve the integrity of the House by retaining as much of the original material as possible and by doing nothing that cannot be undone. But this is not always possible: whether because materials cannot be repaired or a greater damage will result by not taking action. In such cases, with the help of experts, the Foundation intends to develop the best possible remediation approach by identifying and applying the Eameses’ construction/design sensibilities.

Are pets allowed on site? 

No pets allowed. Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.