Corporate Sponsorship

Since it was built in 1949, the Eames House has been shared with visitors from around the world. They come for the direct experience that the Eameses felt was so important. of the work and intent of the Eameses.

We rely on donors to keep the Eames House open for the over 10,000 visitors a year, of which over half are students who visit at no charge. A much larger audience explores the House through articles, exhibitions, books and films.

As the Eames Foundation focuses on our 250 Year Project, we need additional support in order to plan and conserve the structure, landscape and contents.

Help us preserve the Eames House and to share the Eamesian legacy with future generations. The Eames Foundation is interested in partnering with corporations that understand the importance of ‘good goods’, as the Eameses might say, whether products or ideas.

Join us for a think tank in the Studio, a dinner under the stars or another event at the Eames House. Contact Board Member Lucia Dewey Atwood at with your ideas.