We acknowledge with deep appreciation and gratitude the following contributors for their generous support of the Eames Foundation.

Founding Sponsors

Vitra, Herman Miller and the Eames Office have provided operational support since the Foundation was established in 2004. They understand the important of continuing the tradition of welcoming visitors to the Eames House and conserving it as a richly inspiring site. All three have generously offered help, guidance and funding so that we may actualize our vision under the 250 Year Project: that when your great, great, great, great grandchildren come to visit the house, they may have the same authentic experience as we may have today.

For decades Vitra and Herman Miller have not only stewarded the designs of Charles and Ray Eames, but are the first to say that the Eameses deeply influenced every aspect of their companies. For its part, the Eames Office sees as its mission the communication, preservation, and extension of the work of Charles and Ray. All three entities felt that there could be no better tribute to the spirit and ongoing meaning of the Eameses than to nurture this perfect expression of their values.

Case Study Sponsor

The Getty Conservation Institute has elevated the work done under the 250 Year Project to the highest level. Carefully targeted investigations have resulted in the kind of deep thinking that Charles and Ray would have loved. The Eameses wrote in their 1958 India Report:

“One should be prepared to follow an investigation with a restudy of the problem, to look upon detailed problems as if they were being attacked for the first time; to restate solutions in terms of theory and in actual prototypes; and fully explore their cultural meaning. In order to insure the validity of such an investigation and such restatement it will be necessary to bring together and to bring to bear on the questions all the disciplines which can restate the questions of familiar problems in a fresh clear way.”

This support is enabling the Eames Foundation to realize its dream under the 250 Year Project. Thank you to the GCI as well as to the other Getty organizations that have provided support. And thank you to the Getty Foundation for awarding us a Keeping It Modern grant in order to study the Eames House’s color and finishes.

Major Sponsors

Thank you to these institutions, our innovation partners, that understand the importance of conserving our National Historic Landmark and of sharing Charles and Ray Eames life and work with the world. Their generous contributions and in-kind creativity have enabled us to transition the Eames House from a family home into a Foundation, with the on-going mission of sharing a direct, authentic experience of the Eames House so that future visitors may understand on a visceral level, the Eameses’ legacy.

Coca Cola
Dunard Fund
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Ludwick Family Foundation
the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Wessco International


Lucia Dewey Atwood, Jenny Ford, Joan Mace, Shelley Mills, Christina Scholze, Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle, and Kelsey Rose Williams.


A special thanks to our amazing group of volunteers. The Eames House would not be able to operate without them. We certainly would not be able to share the Eames House with as many visitors as come to the site, much less offer them that direct experience embodying the guest/host relation that was so important to the Charles and Ray. Nor would we have made significant progress on certain long-term projects critical to our operational and conservation success.

Advisory Panel

Ann Enkoji and Etsu Garfias, who not only brought our inventory project into reality, but have provided vital counsel as we strategize for the future.

Kelsey Rose Volunteer


Ali Azimi, Eric Bauer, Betsy Bridges, Alison Brislin, Sally Cohen, Dina Giordano, Elizabeth Gartner, Marc Green, Harlan Hogue, Annabel Keenan, Lynne Kishel, John Kishel, Bobbi Mapstone, Laura Paul, Jennifer Polito, Charles Proffitt, Ian Reid, Deric Schmidt, Pamela Scholze, Linnea Seidling, Richard Stein, Steven Stepien, Ward Thompson, David Tseng and Jill Webb.


Zoe Gittelson (Operations, Summer 2017), Christina Scholze (Facebook Archive, Spring 2016 and Fall 2015), Lindsay Willis (Graphics, Spring 2016), Elizabeth Juster (Maintenance Log, Summer 2015), Annabel Keenan (Maintenance Log, Fall 2015), Katie Steidl-Sugimoto (Website, Winter 2015), Kelsey Rose Williams (Photography Archive, Summer and Fall 2015), Nik Killian (Graphics, Spring 2014 and Fall 2013), Shane Laurino (Graphics, Spring 2014), Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle (Visitor Services, Summer 2014), Zoey Poll (Visitor Services, Summer and Fall 2013), Alisa Olinova (Graphics, Summer 2012).

If you are interested in joining our community and helping to preserve the Eames House and to extend the Eames legacy, please contact us at (310) 459-9663, or e-mail