Phase One of the 250 Year Project was set in motion by an opportunity that was too good to pass up: to lend the contents of the Eames House living room to Los Angeles County Museum of Art, freeing the Foundation to repair the floor while the contents were displayed (and protected) in a museum environment, see following photo.


If the Foundation had only been able to address the living room floor tiles, we would have felt that the project was a success. However, thanks to the generosity of a number of donors and the careful explorations by Escher GuneWardena Architecture (“EGW”), as well as the research, analysis and guidance of the Getty Conservation Institute (“GCI”), much more was done.

Experts confirmed, that after 60+ years, some materials, such as the floor, had failed. Others simply needed conservation. Still others, such as the flat roof, needed to be modified in order to prevent damage to other elements of the house.