Duct Work

  • Issue: Original heating ducts corroded.
  • Constraints: Avoid damage to the surrounding structure. Any moisture barrier coating must pass Oddy testing and have a ten-year warranty to minimize replacement disruption.
  • Resolution: Inspect and clean duct system. Final solution pending further investigation.

Duct Work, October 2011 – May 2012

The original cast-in concrete heating ducts are still in use. Since the original galvanized steel duct lining had deteriorated over the past 60 years, the duct cavities were brushed and vacuum-cleaned at the end of 2011, as was the rest of the heating system.

In the future, moisture barrier coatings could be applied to the corroded ducts that would protect against dust, particulates, and ground humidity from entering the air of the heating and ventilation system, but for various reasons, the current products (though reversible) did not meet the Eames Foundation’s needs, whether being able to pass Oddy tests or to provide acceptable warranties. While we may consider future products, it was determined that the now-clean ducts are acceptable for current use.