100 Quotes by Charles Eames – Edited by Carla Hartman and Eames Demetrios

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.01.10 PM“Who ever said that pleasure wasn’t functional?” once asked Charles Eames, the late and great mid-century modern designer. His words have been captured in this smart and playful book of quotations compiled by the Eames Office and Herman Miller. Originally published in 2007 for the centennial of his birth, 100 Quotes features one hundred timeless Charles Eames quotes printed in six languages (English, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.)

Charles’ words have been vigilantly drawn from numerous archived sources, including films, publications, interviews and Eames Office files. Each quote is as genuine as the man himself and sheds insight into the mind of a pivotal force in American Design.

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