Case Study House for 1949

In December of 1949, seventy years ago, Charles and Ray’s house was completed and featured in Arts & Architecture magazine. The House was first introduced to the subscribers of Arts & Architecture in 1945, and the four years between designs was preoccupied with a residential, industrial, economic, and emotional recovery from World War II. This waiting period presented the Eameses with a new sense of understanding their own needs for life and work. How much space should be devoted to living space versus working space? Did the studio need to be in a separate structure from the residence? Did the studio need a kitchenette? What about a fireplace? How would navigating two levels with unusual staircases affect productivity?

Below is the announcement article from Arts & Architecture, featuring a letter from editor John Entenza, a narrative from Charles Eames, and dozens of photographs accompanied by descriptions of necessary materials and details.