Eames House Closure, Day 1

Today is a grey, and overwhelming, day at the Eames House… We are CLOSED to visitors, as required by the City of Los Angeles, but are on-site, available to answer questions by phone and email. In support of our community, most staff is off-site focused on special projects to enhance our future. On-site, we are practicing social distancing and undertaking more stringent cleaning protocols.

To all those who have, or hope to visit the Eames House, thank you for your understanding and support.

To continue with Charles and Ray’s thoughts for the future: “You have to teach children to have a genuine respect for a large number of events and objects which are not of immediate gain to them. It is the only thing which puts a human being in a situation where they can promptly assess the next step.”

— Charles Eames, Norton Lecture #4, Harvard University, 25 March 1971