The Eames Foundation is always on the lookout for capable, creative and sociable interns to assist with various administrative tasks and special projects.

Interns learn how the staff of the Foundation manages the care and presentation of the Eames House, a National Historic Landmark and internationally renowned architectural landmark. Interns will gain insight into the workings of a small non-profit arts organization as well as direct experience in the areas of visitor services, data management and archival practices. In addition, interns will be able to observe how we incorporate Charles and Ray’s approaches to life, design and work into our daily operations as well as how we communicate these approaches to visitors. 

To apply, please submit a short letter of interest, current resume or CV and the names and phone numbers of two professional references to .

This is a great opportunity for students and emerging professionals pursing careers in arts management, museum studies, archival practices as well as art and architectural history. We are open to applicants pursing careers in other fields with a demonstrated interest.


Elizabeth Juster
“My time interning for the Eames Foundation this summer was short but very sweet. One of the best parts was meeting the visitors. While they come from different places, one thing remains constant: their appreciation and love of Charles and Ray’s work runs strong. This mutual passion for the Eameses, and for design as a whole, has the power to bring people together. I have always believed that art and architecture can unite people and remove prejudices, and my experience with visitors at the Eames House has truly solidified that idea for me. I have gained invaluable experience from working at the Eames House that I know will help me pursue my degree in art history as well as a career later on. Working with the staff members and learning from them opened my eyes to so many jobs within the museum field that I had previously been unaware of.”

IMG_20151229_124348Alisa Olinova
“Through the wire in the glass of large rectangular windows, I looked out at the swirling bark of tall Eucalyptus trees and admired the seamless relationship of nature and structure at the Eames Foundation. This was a common theme here as this was the relationship that Charles had with Ray; the engineer and the artist supportive of each other and magnificent together. As a woman and as a designer, Ray became increasingly inspirational to me. These were her chairs, this was her meadow, from her swing was the view that she cherished, and here she cultivated her legacy. Her influence on the house radiates a creative and genuine energy in the air felt by all of its unique visitors. Each day I volunteered, I learned about architecture, studied each trinket, walked each path, watched the landscape change, got to know the kind and passionate staff, and experienced the Eames tradition from the inside out. This perspective left me inspired to discover the limits of design through the lens of a confident and curious creator, and now I hope to leave a legacy of my own for designers seeking inspiration from me.”

Katie Sakamoto-Steidl
“When I first stepped foot onto the Eameses’ property, I could instantly feel the calm, welcoming nature of the house; as well from the docents, volunteers and interns. My mother and I were led on a beautiful tour of the interior of Charles and Ray’s home. Our docent did a wonderful job taking the time to explain, listen to our responses, ask us what we were observing and our thoughts. It was during this tour that I realized what it meant to have a, “guest-host relationship”. At the Eames House, I gained a sense of what the home was like when Charles and Ray hosted their guests. Every visitor brings new insights that are valuable.

What I will take away from this experience is to work hard and make every decision a thoughtful one. Every day at the Eames House, I would learn about another project that Charles and Ray worked on. It is remarkable to see the variety of work that they accomplished in their lifetime. The thought, experimentation and attention to detail that went into everything they produced never ceases to amaze me. The drive and innovation that backed Charles and Ray’s work is truly inspiring.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work at the Eames House. I can honestly say that this internship was a highlight of my life. I gained so much knowledge, met many kind people and am incredibly grateful.”

11927466_10153025996167821_1598608208013897764_oKelsey Rose Williams
“My time spent at the Eames House so far has given me incredible insight to the lives of Charles and Ray, whether it be through learning directly from the Eames Foundation staff or through an exchange of words with our visitors from all over the world. Charles and Ray were consistent in their search for new perspectives and being on site at Case Study House #8 has further ingrained in my mind the philosophy to never stop taking note of our visual world. The way in which the sunlight changes the home’s structure throughout the course of the day, how the plants grow and mature, the patterns the spiders create with their webs, the textures the fallen eucalyptus leaves create on the ground’s surface — these are all visual aspects of the site that have given me a new perspective on the home and it’s architectural vision. The calmness of the site, the quality Ray and Charles described as being a “shock absorber” to the stresses of modern life, makes me more aware of the present moment and my surroundings. I think that anyone can learn about the beauty of our universe from the Eameses. The best way to do so is by visiting their home and experiencing their personal environment firsthand.”