Closed: Eucalyptus LTR Membership

PRICE: 1000.00

This Membership is no longer available. For those who participated, thank you very much for your support of the Eames Foundation. We hope you enjoy your membership gift for many years to come, as well as the satisfaction of supporting work on the site.

Receive a very special Eames LTR table when you join the Eames Foundation as a Eucalyptus Member. This limited-run LTR features a solid top made from eucalyptus tree No. 167,  harvested from the Eames House site under our landscape management plan. Repurposing the wood from these beloved trees, as Herman Miller and Vitra have done, is an especially appropriate honoring of Charles and Ray’s respect for good material and the environment. Read more about the Eameses’ love of this eucalyptus wood here.

In order to help the Foundation fundraise to support its conservation work, Herman Miller and Vitra have each contributed LTRs to the Foundation as a benefit for this new Eucalyptus Membership tier. The funds will be used in order to help us meet a critical need in light of last year’s nearby devastating fires and mudslides: the development of our Master Plan of work for the site with an immediate focus on reducing fire and hillside stability risk.

Given the limited number of these tables, memberships will be filled in the order received. To order, please contact us via the below contact form.

Please be aware:

  • As a natural material, color and grain will vary.
  • Shipping, handling and insurance fees will apply.  Shipping is to the USA and Canada only.
  • We are not responsible for damage that may occur during transportation. Because of the limited quantity, we may not be able to provide a replacement eucalyptus LTR.
  • As a special membership, you will receive one LTR as your unique membership benefit. We encourage you to join at our other membership levels in order to participate in other benefits, such as attending Members Appreciation Day.

We hope you will help our efforts by celebrating with a eucalyptus wood LTR!